Do Smarter People Sell Better? The Answer May Surprise You...

While there is no doubt that intelligent people have an easier time processing and retaining information- does that really make them a “smarter” choice than a candidate who is their intellectual junior? Not necessarily.


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The 1 Question Milennial Sales Reps Love to Ask (And Sales Managers Don't Love to Hear)

Every generation has challenges when managing members of a younger generation. However, millennials regularly ask one particular question that goes against the grain of those born before them and draws the ire of management belonging to a previous generation. That question is “Why?”


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How Technology Can Transform Selling Behavior

During the Sales 2.0 conference in Philadelphia, Selling Power Founder Gerhard Gschwandtner sat down with Selleration™ CEO, Nick Rini, to learn more about our sales simulation, theUPtick™ platform , and discuss how technology be leveraged to gain insight into the selling behaviors and skills of sales reps- and maybe even predict the outcome of basketball games.


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How to Increase Sales Coaching Effectiveness, Hire Better & Close More



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