The 3 Letter Word Most Sales Training Overlooks | Interview with Mike Kunkle

Selleration CEO, Nick Rini, interviews sales expert Mike Kunkle about how one 3 letter word is the key to increasing the Selling Judgement™ score of sales reps.  Mike Kunkle is the Vice President of Sales Transformation Services for Digital Transformation Inc., and founder of Transforming Sales Results LLC.  


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Think Sales Role Plays Need to feature your Company’s Offerings? Think Again.

We often hear from sales leaders that while they understand the importance of role plays in onboarding and training sales reps, they are also looking to “make the sales training time more impactful,” and “kill two birds with one stone.” They request that we inject product training, industry information or company specific details into our simulated sales environments.


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Why is Sales Training Role Play so Important Anyway?

Role play is a classic element of sales training and onboarding. Reps are herded into a conference room, where they take turns pretending to be the customer and the rep. Some salespeople embrace the opportunity to role play, pulling off Oscar-worthy performances of indecisive, belligerent, or skeptical customers, while other reps go through the motions with less enthusiasm.


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