Your Low Performers Have Job Security... Now What?

As sales leaders we all know that the top 12-20% of our teams is made up of the same salespeople who make quota every year, year over year. They seem to reach quota regardless of the conditions in which they’re selling.


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Inside the Mind of Your 70% Quota Salespeople

While your top closers gets all the glory and your bottom performer gets all the warnings- the majority of your sales team can be counted on to miss quota. Dwelling within a large bubble between your quota-crushing top salespeople and your hopeless lowest performers, live the 70%ers.


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3 Reasons Your Sales Team Makes Quota (That have nothing to do with hard work)

After months of searching, you think you found him or her… the perfect addition to your sales team. They’re smart, eloquent, and seem to have a great knowledge of your industry.


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