Sales Training - Are You Teaching Your Reps Like Kids?

By the time your newest salesperson reaches your company they have spent years parked in front of instructors listening to lessons and lectures. If your sales education programming takes place within a typical classroom setting, you’re using the same passive educational style of a traditional K-12 educational system.


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Why is Sales Training Role Play so Important Anyway?

Role play is a classic element of sales training and onboarding. Reps are herded into a conference room, where they take turns pretending to be the customer and the rep. Some salespeople embrace the opportunity to role play, pulling off Oscar-worthy performances of indecisive, belligerent, or skeptical customers, while other reps go through the motions with less enthusiasm.


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When Sales Coaching, Creative Incentives and Role Plays Don't Work - Do This!

You’ve done one-on-one role plays. You’ve given inspiring sales coaching sessions. You’ve offered creative sales incentives. Still THAT rep can’t seem to close a deal. What is going on?


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