Sales Profile- Aggressive vs Assertive Sales Reps, Who’s on Your Team?

Almost without exception, I speak with sales executives who understand that improving the performance of their sales force is a sure way of increasing revenue. One thing we hear often is that sales execs wish their reps would be “more aggressive”. Whether it’s driving new leads, upselling, closing, – whatever stage of the sales process management would like to see improved – they often believe aggressive sales reps will get them to their goal.

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Breaking Groundhog Day- Making Inside Sales Less Monotonous


Having spent several years early on in my career in inside sales call centers, there were a few consistant trends dispite the products, or individual companies. The most common trend was everyday more or less turning into the next, or the day before, or two weeks ago. In most call center “boiler room” type enviornments you have heavily monitored daily requirements, or metrics. Number of dials, talk time, demos scheduled, demos held, etc… These methodologies work well for the company, but more times then not; they don’t work well for the employee. Nobody wants to eat a tuna sandwich on rye everyday for lunch, why would you want the place where you majority of day repeating that same way? You wouldn’t. 

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Lean too much on your sales deck? Take this cue from actors…

A sales call is very much like a scene in a play. There are actors (you and your team) and an audience (your prospect). Your role as actor is to execute properly and consistently. To execute your lines, while at the same time putting the necessary emotion into the “scene” to elicit an equally emotional response in the prospect.

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How to Motivate Sales Teams, Beyond E-Learning

cbyThe 212 Degrees is a protypical example of a standard motivational sales video. It speaks to that extra degree where the boiling point is achieved. Personally, in my career, I’ve sat through 3 different sales meetings, at 3 different companies where this video was played. For some this type of attempted motivation works well; for others, well, not so much. As technology evolves, so do the tools available to us. It’s time to put the vast majority of these videos to bed, and start looking at our salespeople individually, and engage them through education, online training, e-learning, and more progressively game based training

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3 Steps to Assist in Developing Sales Associate Skills

Skill development is more or less the holy grail in sales. Taking a team of b-squad account executives, and turing them into superstars can change, and shape the bottom line numbers for an entire organization. Stats show that roughly 60% of sales people don’t achieve their quota month in, and month out; thats a ton lost revenue, lost commissions, and overall lost earnings. So how can this ship be turned around? How can engagement help a manager tasked with developing sales associate skills? One word: Training.

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Predictive Analytics, and the Power of Pre-Hire Assessments in Sales


You walk into a second round interview with a potential candidate to join your sales team. On paper they look great. Good experience, good industry work tenure, they appear presentable, and competent. When it comes to office culture they say the right things to make you think they are a fit; but you remember, interviews are like first dates; and everyone is out to make the best possible impression. 

When you look at the facts, you have a piece of paper, written by a person who wants you to hire them. It’s chalk full of personal inturpretations of previous experience, with an emphasis on success; and here you are having to make a decision wither to invest in this person, or not based off a few meetings… Where is that crystal ball when you need it?

In business, and general life, we have to rely on countless streams of information that is available to help make our decisions. Sometimes, we have good data to go off of, sometimes not so much. Assessments are a great tool in weeding out the weak from the strong. If an assessment is worth a salt, it will provide a true profile of a candidate, especially in the pre-hire state. But here is the question, what type of assessment should you go with? Standard personality assessments, or maybe something a bit more relevant, and powerful like a Sales Personality Assessment. Imagine knowing if someone is a hunter or a farmer, imagine having insite into their true selling style. Using these sales personality assessments to create predictive analytics can be a game changer for employers.

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Introducing the UPtick™ Platform, New Sales Training Software Takes CPG Sales Reps Into Simulated Sales Environments

Selleration is proud to introduce a whole new approach to developing the Selling Judgment™ scores of salespeople, specifically created for sales professionals within the CPG industry. This CPG version of UPtick is far different than anything you have ever seen or experienced.

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Engaging Millennials through Tech Based Sales Performance Management

We’ve all been through a wide variety of both great, mediocre, and tedious sales development programs. Some are small classroom based programs, some more event style, or a sales retreat. When it comes to the Millennial Generation technology, recognition, and creativity must be included delivery of our programs. The consistent challenge with sales development, is measuring the effectiveness, and measuring the engagement. Who absorbed what, who was involved, and engaged during the training? Then we must ask ourselves, how will this material apply in the real world, was the delivery method effective? On the other hand, we need to realize if any of the reps were completely disengaged and screwing around, was anyone looking at new cars on AutoTrader, opposed focusing on the presentation; is an example I’ve personally witnessed. As our the profiles of our sales departments develop, so must our performance management methods, and best practices. So must the way we hire new reps, and so must the way we engage them. This is where Assessment Based Sales Performance Management comes into play.

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