Improving Sales Performance of the 60% Just Got Easier...

May 02, 2017 Nick Rini

You can always count on your top 10-20% of sales reps to deliver, and your bottom 20% to disappoint. The real risk - and reward - lies in the 60% of your sales reps that fall somewhere between the heroes and the hopeless of your sales team.

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What’s the risk?

Massive potential lies within your middle performers, but it can be difficult to unlock. This group has as many reasons for lack of sales performance as the number of individuals that comprise it. They also have job security because they’re likely profitable to the company, and the risk and hassle of replacing them is greater than the unlikely prospect of finding a superstar replacement.

It’s on sales management to identify and work with each rep to help them reach their sales potential. The risk is not only losing the sales they could be closing -- it’s also in losing the rep. While you aren’t thrilled with their performance, they may not be thrilled with their take home pay and may be driven to look for employment elsewhere.

Why don’t you want them to go?

  • You already have a substantial investment in each of them
  • They are a known quantity
  • They are part of the social fabric of your sales org and company
  • You probably like them
  • The cost of replacing a rep is time-consuming and expensive

What’s the reward?

Your 60%ers are a great place for great return on an investment of  time and resources since they make up the majority of your sales team. If your sales organization follows the production model of most, the majority of your revenue is generated by the 60%ers. According to Qvidian, “a simple five percent gain in the middle 60 percent of your sales performers can deliver over 91 percent greater sales than a five percent shift in your top 20 percent.”

While providing individualized sales coaching and training to every member of the 60% would be taxing on any sales manager’s time- there is a whole new way that’s more cost effective and doesn’t drain the time resources of management.

How can sales managers create an individualized sales training program that won’t take up more of their time?

Unlike other sales coaching techniques or sales training ideas, UPtick, a Selling Intelligence™ assessment and development system, is self-directed. The first step is administering a sales assessment to your team, and UPtick takes it from there. The results of the sales assessment within the UPtick system don’t just tell you what’s “wrong” with each underperforming rep. The platform creates an individualized sales training program at a cadence that improves skill and judgment based on each rep’s specific areas of need.

Uptick is a whole new approach to rep talent management for the 60%er, with a focus on improving and reinforcing the selling judgment that makes the difference in selling situations. In addition to selling judgment, UPtick grants sales management an objective look at the selling behavior, sales skills and even cognitive skills of each member of your team and how they are progressing towards their personal goals.

UPtick isn’t just effective, it’s also fun and challenging, and leverages the competitive nature of salespeople to improve. Reps enter a 3D avatar sales environment where they go head to head with a virtual customer, scoring points and completing levels like a video game. Management get updates on each rep’s progress within the system, and also on how their sales skills improve and selling behaviors change.

Sign up for a free trial of UPtick to improve the selling behaviors and sales skills of your 60%ers:

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