These 3 Selling Behaviors Hold the Key to Overcoming Objections...

Do your sales reps have the emotional intelligence to close the deal? It takes more than a bright intellect and a slick sales pitch to overcome objections. Sales takes positivity, empathy, and a quick mind- all of which work to create good selling judgement and excellent selling behavior.


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How CPG Sales Training Can Train Reps to Overcome Top Objections

Are your CPG sales reps at the top of their game- ready to leap over the firey hurdles of sales objections? Strong selling skills are essential to overcome the constant barrage of objections in CPG/FMCG sales. Here is part one is our series of how to overcome objections posed to CPG sales reps- and how each sales objection can be overcome with CPG sales training and ongoing reinforcement.


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Should You Fire That Rep? Depends on Their Selling Intelligence™ Score...

A dear friend of mine from a Fortune 50 company has a serious dilemma.  She runs a $250 million region and one of her salespeople isn’t cutting it. To be specific, he’s going to be, as he has been the past 4 years, 75-80% of quota. If you’re shocked he’s lasted this long, then listen and learn.  If you’re not shocked, then you probably understand her dilemma on a first-hand basis and have had the same problem at some point. 


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How Technology Can Transform Selling Behavior

During the Sales 2.0 conference in Philadelphia, Selling Power Founder Gerhard Gschwandtner sat down with Selleration™ CEO, Nick Rini, to learn more about our sales simulation, theUPtick™ platform , and discuss how technology be leveraged to gain insight into the selling behaviors and skills of sales reps- and maybe even predict the outcome of basketball games.


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3 Sales Coaching Tips to Help Your Team Close More!

The New Year is a perfect time to take a good, hard look at your sales coaching approach and make changes to your sales management style that will bring success to your sales team in 2016! Resolved to make 2016 the year your team crushes quota? Here are 3 ways to change up your sales coaching game:


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