What This 13 Year Old Girl Scout Can Teach Sales Pros About Selling Behavior...

This sales pro’s story is inspirational and should be used to kick off national sales meetings. Katie Francis, a 13 year old Girl Scout sold more than 22,200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year, breaking the world record she set last year.


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3 Steps to Assist in Sales Associate Skills Development

Sales training can seem like an uphill battle. Strong personalities are drawn to sales.  The personality of a sales rep tends to be more competitive and less interested in following the direction of management than the typical corporate worker.


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How Top Teams Spend Their Sales Training, and Planning Tech Budgets...

Think your sales organization has to invest big budget into sales training to perform like the best sales teams in the world?


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3 Reasons Why Your Sales Reps Need a Safe Place to Fail

Have you been in this room?


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