Was Your Last Sales Hire Based on a Lie?

Managing a sales team means you are constantly on the lookout for top talent, working to recruit salespeople who will crush quota- not just fill a seat. The hiring process for many sales managers is the same, but that doesn’t mean it is the right way. It is highly likely that your last sales hire was based, to some extent, on a lie.


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3 Reasons Your Sales Team Makes Quota (That have nothing to do with hard work)

After months of searching, you think you found him or her… the perfect addition to your sales team. They’re smart, eloquent, and seem to have a great knowledge of your industry.


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Don't Let Your Competitors Win This Game... Sales and Social Media

Sales has changed quite a bit since 1975, and if you learned anything from Alec Baldwin in Glengary Glenn Ross, it’s for the better. Though there will always be fundamental skills and traits that sales reps must possess, like communication, listening and the ability to be persistent, there’s a new set of skills required to ensure that your sales rep will be successful.


Confessions of a Salesman: Our Success Masked Our Sales Deficiencies!

In so many cases a new product or service can address such an important niche, be so good, be marketed so well, and have such massive appeal, that it flies off the shelves most effortlessly.


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