What Sales Enablement Metrics Really Matter? | Roderick Jefferson

An excerpt of, Selleration™ CEO, Nick Rini’s interview with sales expert Roderick Jefferson.  Roderick is the Vice President of Global Enablement at Marketo, founding member of the Sales Enablement Society, and an Advisory Board Member of Selleration™.

Rini and Jefferson discuss the Sales Enablement metrics that really matter.

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NR: “One of the things that we at Selleration™ have found is that (and I don’t know if you found this) but the more experience people have, the more they seem to struggle with sales fundamentals. Just really basic stuff. Making sure that they establish next steps, properly closing out a meeting, things like that.

When I was a selling and I would be in these sessions where sales knowledge and wisdom was being imparted, I remember that when topics were discussed that didn’t pertain to me I would sit there and think about customers I had to call and things I had to do that night. Basically, I would just completely tune out. How do you keep sales reps engaged during sales development and training?”

RJ: “This is where it’s important to walk away from that one size fits all approach. There are a lot of different types of learners: visual, kinesthetic, etc.. You have to make sure your approach engages all of those learning types.

It’s also vitally important that you work with and become a partner with the first line sales manager. They are going to be your biggest advocate or the biggest wall that will impede you from sales enablement success. If you are not tied into the first line sales manager, then you are already fighting a losing battle.”

NR: “You have a ton of first line managers that you are working with on a regular basis. How do you do this?”

RJ: “I break up the roles inside of my team by segment. I have someone that owns the commercial sales space, someone that owns the enterprise sales space, etc. That way the first line managers have a dedicated resource and a single face to deal with from onboarding to continuing education and they are only responsible for that given space.”

NR: “What are some of the challenges?”

RJ: “It varies by organization. Specifically for our organization, we are essentially a brand new, 10 year old company and we have put in a new go-to-market strategy moving from inbound to outbound sales. That in and of itself is a challenge. I call it ‘killing the ghost of Christmas past’.

Certain managers buy into sales enablement, other sales managers think all we do is sales training. I don’t believe in ‘training’. I believe you train animals and enable people. It’s also a challenge to shift the organization from a training approach where I give you what I think you need to a enablement approach of working cohesively, figuring out your needs and coming up with tools and sales processes to meet those needs.”

NR: “In terms of results, what are some of the things you are doing to measure the success of sales enablement in your organization? You are always looking for more budget dollars, you’re always looking for something new and innovative to use in terms of a delivery modality – but you have to be able to show results. How are you measuring results?”

RJ: “What I decided to do years ago was to get away from the traditional metrics of sales enablement or sales training. That was: butts in seats or talking about net promoter scores and so forth. While we still do some of those, they are not our primary metrics. What I focus on is how are we decreasing ramp up time and increasing productivity per head.

So when I go in to discuss metrics with senior management and the board of directors, the specific metrics I touch on are:

  • Quota Attainment Percentage
  • New Pipeline Created
  • Time to Productivity
  • Average Deal Size by Segment
  • Number of Closed Sales
  • Product Mix by Segment
  • Attachment Rates with Partners
  • Forecasts for Upcoming Quarters

Then moving downstream to our SDRs we are looking at those activities that will lead to an increased number of qualified leads. Then on the back end supplement that with our collateral use and non-use of collateral inside of our content management system, and our learning management system.

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