This is What Top Salespeople Do That Keeps Them on Top…

Ever wondered what sets top salespeople apart from the masses? While intelligence, charisma, dedication and a high work ethic play a significant role in shaping the mind of a top rep, there are also a set of behaviors and approaches to their careers that set them apart.

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They are Self-Educated

We live in an age where you can learn more about any topic you are interested in – including sales. However, most sales reps leave their sales education in the hands of their employer.

While a select few companies like IBM, and Hormel Foods offer employees an excellent sales education and innovative sales incentives – most don’t. And often the sales enablement sessions and seminars provided to reps are product or industry specific. Rarely are they tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of specific sales reps.

Top reps treat sales like they treat other passions in their life. They stay on top of the latest trends in sales, network with colleagues at industry events, and embrace the latest sales technologies. They aren’t afraid to stop learning, and they don’t expect their employer to provide all of their professional training. Sales can be a high earning career for those who pursue it with the same dedication as professionals in other fields:

  • Spend 20 minutes a day catching up on what sales industry leaders are sharing on Selling Power
  • Start follow #sales on Twitter, and go beyond prospecting on LinkedIn to connect with and contribute to conversations among colleagues.
  • Discover your free Selling Intelligence™ score on the UPtick™ sales performance management platform and follow the personalized prescription for sales improvement.

Top Sales Reps Practice, Practice, Practice

Success can bring confidence. But being successful doesn’t mean you stop practicing. Sports stars know it, and so do top salespeople. Much like an athlete, top reps are constantly reinforcing their sales skills and staying on top of best practices.

Before an important meeting, they are the reps getting everyone together to run drills before the meeting to anticipate objections, and share intel on the decision makers involved.

Top Reps Aren’t Afraid of Technology

Tech has come a long way since Salesforce started in 1999. Top reps aren’t intimidated by the latest technology, and are open to learning how new tools can improve their ability to sell more, be more successful, and maintain their top sales rep status in the company.

If you are looking for a sales enablement software to help keep your skills sharp, check out the UPtick™ platform. It was designed by the top minds in the sales industry to give reps hundreds of hours of practice inside a no-risk simulated sales environment.