Think This is Sales Coaching? Think Again.

Are one of the sales managers who can’t resist “stepping in” to close the deal a rep has been working? Doing so is one of the worst things you can do as a sales manager.

Many sales managers believe that taking the deal the last mile not only ensures a better close rate, but also models how to close the deal. That reps will study your actions and emulate them. However this act isn’t an example of sales coaching in action – it’s an act of emotional sabotage like slipping a banana peel under their professional feet.


As the rep watches you take the deal, here is what they will takeaway:

  • You don’t trust them to close.

  • They don’t really have the selling skills necessary for the job.

  • They are incapable of interacting with clients appropriately.

  • Co-workers are watching them get undermined.

Bottom line:  Your actions just told them, there is no future for them at this company.

It’s always tempting to pull a deal out of less experienced hands, but you can’t do so without undermining the relationship you have with your reps. Trusting that they have the selling judgement required to overcome objections and close the deal is a leap of faith.

So what do you do when a little voice inside tells you that a rep may not be ready? Assess them! Instead of putting a real deal at risk, send them into a simulated sales environment like the UPtick™ platform to have their selling skills assessed. Inside the simulation, they will come face to face with a “client” and have to make choices that reveal their true selling judgement.

Using a sales assessment also has the advantage of transparency. Both you and your rep are given data detailing their strengths and weaknesses. Help struggling reps master the selling skills that they are deficient in with targeted sales coaching or sales training, instead of having them feel undermined or in professional limbo.

Curious where your own selling skills would fall on the leaderboard? Take our gamified sales assessment for a spin!