Sales Training Program Not Working? Maybe Your Sales Team is Sick


Does your sales team have any/all of the following symptoms?

  • Lack of product knowledge

  • Inadequate industry knowledge

  • Weak discipline

  • Incomplete sales skillset

The good news is that there is both a test and treatment for sales teams- and it is not your typical sales training program.


Step 1 Test ‘Em!

Getting to the heart of why your sales reps aren’t performing is tough. After repeated sales coaching sessions aimed at addressing the same bad selling behavior or weak sales skills- you may have your own ideas about why a rep isn’t closing deals like they should be. Using an objective sales assessment tool like the UPtick™ platform can give you a window into the mind of the sales rep.

UPtick™ Platforms Sales Assessments test for:

  • 13 Behavioral Attributes & Sales Personality Traits

  • Selling Temperament

  • Selling Judgement™ scores

  • Selling Orientation (Hunter v.s. Farmer)

  • Self-Starter

  • Cognitive Skills

  • Product Knowledge


For sales reps, taking a sales assessment with the UPtick™ platform is way more fun than filling in bubbles or circling answers. It’s not a test you take- it’s a test you play. Sales reps are placed into simulated sales environments and allowed to make choices that ultimately lead to closing the sale- or losing the deal.

Step 2 Diagnose That Rep – Or the Whole Team

Data doesn’t lie. Sales assessment results give you an objective view of the areas where your team needs help- and the strengths and weaknesses of individual reps. You can also rank your team members by the strength of specific skills, selling orientation, behavioral attributes, and more.


Step 3 Treat Specific Selling Sicknesses

Now that you know what is wrong, you can allocate resources to help reps get up to speed on their specific areas of selling weakness. Use the data to tailor sales coaching sessions, or develop effective sales role-play ideas.

Using our UPtick™ sales training system, you can prescribe specific gamified sales training program modules. So for instance a sales rep that struggles with confrontation, can be prescribed the Overcoming Objections module and play through the simulation over and over until they win.

Want to try it for yourself? Click below to take UPtick™ platform for a spin and test your own selling skills.