Sales Training – Are You Teaching Your Reps Like Kids?

By the time your newest salesperson reaches your company they have spent years parked in front of instructors listening to lessons and lectures. If your sales education programming takes place within a typical classroom setting, you’re using the same passive educational style of a traditional K-12 educational system.

Here’s just a few of the vast differences between the ways children and adults learn:

Kids Absorb What Teachers Say, Adults Challenge It.

What’s wrong with that assuming your reps are dry sponges waiting to be drenched with the water of sales knowledge? It’s just not how adults learn. Adults learn better through active, self-directed learning.

Give your reps a space to push the boundaries of sales conversations and experiment with different sales behaviors. When adult learners are allowed to take their own path, whether within simulated sales environments like the UPtick™ platform or within sales role plays, they will learn from their successes and mistakes.

Salespeople Are Not Blank Slates

Unlike kids, your sales reps aren’t blank slates. They enter the training room with life lessons and work experiences that inform their selling behavior. Changing sales behavior takes more than a lecture, it takes understanding the negative and positive consequences of making different choices.

Competitive Experiences

Experiential learning is “knowledge created through the transformation of experience.“ By placing reps within an immersive learning environment and allowing them to have a real-world selling experience (rather than passive learning experience), their selling behavior will be transformed.

When sales training  is both experiential and competitive, there is an extra incentive to change behavior. Salespeople are highly competitive by nature. They want to win. Bake competition into your experiential sales education to really pique the interest of your sales trainees.

John Hancock sales reps realized an average 34% increase in selling judgement using the UPtick™ platform, our immersive sales training platform. Give adult learners the opportunity to take the lead in their own learning by offering them an experiential, competitive learning experience.

Try the UPtick™ sales enablement software for yourself and experience what John Hancock sales reps experienced. Test your selling skills and see what happens when you go head to head with a virtual customer: