Ready to Step Onto the Sales Scale?

Imagine kicking off a weight loss program if you had never in your life stepped on a scale. How would you measure your weight loss success? How would you stay motivated on tough days without seeing the progress you had made so far? Of course you wouldn’t try to lose weight without even knowing if, or how much weight you have to lose in the first place. That would be ridiculous.

Whenever you start a journey of significant transformation, it’s wise to measure yourself at the start. Everyone understands this when it comes to weight loss, quitting smoking, etc. – but we have a much lower level of awareness the importance of measuring and assessing ourselves when it comes to starting a journey of professional transformation.

Sales is one of the most goal-oriented professions. However, sales reps set goals without ever truly understanding what their selling abilities are in the first place. It’s easy to say “I’m going to meet and beat quota this year,” but without having an objective understanding of your current selling behaviors- how could you ever make the changes you need to make to reach your goal?

If you have never taken a sales assessment, you should do it. For one thing, it’s objective. Let’s go back to the weight loss analogy. If you asked 4 people to guess your weight, you would get 4 different answers – some more realistic than others, but none that are truly objective.

Talk to your mother, and she may tell you that you’re perfect. Step on the scale and you have 1 clear, objective number to use as a baseline. Take it a step further and talk to your doctor and you now have an objective game plan based on an assessment of your physical health and other personal factors.

Sales assessments, like the UPtick™ platform, are like stepping onto a scale to measure your sales skills. UPtick even scores your current level of Selling Intelligence in the form of a Selling Intelligence™ score, and gives you video game-like modules to complete based on the selling skills you need to hone.

Your Selling Intelligence™ score is comprised of some factors that you were born with and can’t do much to change – like cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence – and some that behaviors that you have picked up in your personal and professional life that can be changed.

Sales assessments highlight your personal selling strengths and weaknesses, and give you a game plan to start a successful professional journey of transformation. Like weight loss- the first step is easy. Step onto the sales assessment “scale” and take an objective look at your Selling Intelligence™ score: