Predictive Analytics, and the Power of Pre-Hire Assessments in Sales


You walk into a second round interview with a potential candidate to join your sales team. On paper they look great. Good experience, good industry work tenure, they appear presentable, and competent. When it comes to office culture they say the right things to make you think they are a fit; but you remember, interviews are like first dates; and everyone is out to make the best possible impression. 

When you look at the facts, you have a piece of paper, written by a person who wants you to hire them. It’s chalk full of personal inturpretations of previous experience, with an emphasis on success; and here you are having to make a decision wither to invest in this person, or not based off a few meetings… Where is that crystal ball when you need it?

In business, and general life, we have to rely on countless streams of information that is available to help make our decisions. Sometimes, we have good data to go off of, sometimes not so much. Assessments are a great tool in weeding out the weak from the strong. If an assessment is worth a salt, it will provide a true profile of a candidate, especially in the pre-hire state. But here is the question, what type of assessment should you go with? Standard personality assessments, or maybe something a bit more relevant, and powerful like a Sales Personality Assessment. Imagine knowing if someone is a hunter or a farmer, imagine having insite into their true selling style. Using these sales personality assessments to create predictive analytics can be a game changer for employers.



Predictive analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. Predictive analytics does not tell you what will happen in the future.”-Webopedia

The power to accurately analyze, and inturpret these contanst stream of information can be overwhelming, and mind numbing; it is literally a full time job for some people. Using new technology is a very useful tool when it comes to developing profiles, and can change the way we hire in sales for the better. 

To sum it up, predictive analytics through sales personality assessments are a powerful tool when it comes to gauging probable successes, and failures. This type of data when aquired correctly, can give a manager the ability to not only hire the right person, but once the decision has been made, the created profile can provide the ability to place that person correctly within the organization so they are best geared for success.