New Tool Improves Sales Performance & Gives Management Back Lost Time

Harvard Business Review found that most sales managers aren’t coaching their teams effectively. But, the study overlooked one essential truth of sales management: there is never enough time in the day.

“The real payoff from good coaching lies among the middle 60% — your core performers. For this group, the best-quality coaching can improve performance up to 19%.* In fact, even moderate improvement in coaching quality — simply from below to above average — can mean a six to eight percent increase in performance across 50% of your sales force.”

“The data clearly suggest that organizations should do away with coaching democratically and instead shift the majority of their coaching focus away from low and star performers and towards the core.” – Harvard Business Review

While it sounds like a simple switch in focus, there is a large barrier preventing sales managers from being able to effectively sales coach 60% of their team simultaneously on an ongoing basis. That barrier is time. Many sales managers just don’t have enough time to develop and initiate individualized, ongoing sales coaching and skill training programs for 60% of their team.

However, there is a new tool available for sales management that does just that. Using the UPtick™ platform, managers get an at-a-glance Selling Intelligence™ Score for each member of their team. Using this score, The UPtick™ platform creates an ongoing, individualized sales coaching and training program to help that rep improve sales skills and selling behaviors.

For instance, if the UPtick™ platform determines a rep needs to sharpen the skills necessary to read customers accurately, the system will create and assign an engaging, ongoing training program to help them do just that.

The sales software’s approach to automated sales coaching and training is an immersive simulated sales environment in which the rep goes head to head with a virtual customer. It’s fun, and competitive – plus it provides years of customer facing experience in a compressed, risk-free environment.

Managers can even opt for a leaderboard feature that leverages the competitive spirit of their team. Reps are scored continually, so management can view their progress against goals.  Managers can login to the dashboard to view progress at any time for an individual rep, or the entire team. If a rep misses their goal, the system will auto-assign additional training and coaching modules to get them up to speed.

Right now we are offering a risk-free trial of the UPtick™ platform so you can improve the selling skills of your 60%ers — and get your time back! Click below to sign up for your risk-free trial: