Leaving Your Sales Future to Chance?

You probably don’t have a degree in sales. Very few people do. fewer than 100 of the more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. have sales programs or coursework. So there is a very good chance that you entered the sales industry with no sales background or training at all, except maybe some retail experience in college.


Sales is one of the few high paying career paths that requires no specific degree (sometimes no degree at all) or specific career training – and many people end up in sales that had no intention of pursuing a sales career. So most reps depend on their employer – and on the job experience – to learn how to sell.

The trouble is, studies show companies spend a lot of time training reps how to sell their specific products and services – and not a lot of sales training time on the basic sales skills and selling behaviors that reps would have if sales were taught in college.

Why is this a problem? Let’s replace sales with another business skill like accounting. A person with an accounting degree gets a job at a large pharma company out of college. The pharma company then teaches the new hire about the specific way that they manage expenses. The company does not have to teach the accountant basic accounting skills, because the new hire learned those skills in school.

Fast forward a few years.

The accountant decides to make the switch to a rival pharma company, or a technology startup. The accountant isn’t locked into their current company because they have an educational background and skills which give them the freedom to leave and be successful elsewhere.

Replace the educational background of the accountant with that of a salesperson who has a degree in sociology and a few weeks of company provided product-focused sales training. The salesperson may lack basic skills that will help them be more successful, more marketable – and make more money in a new sales roles.  

The salesperson with a soc degree could become an amazing rep. But because they have never been taught the skills to be a great salesperson, they are missing out on the opportunity to get better territories, earn bigger bonuses, move up to sales management, or even transition to a more lucrative sales role at a new company.

The good news is sales reps do not have to leave their sales future to chance and depend solely on their employers for sales training. Independent – and product agnostic – sales training courses, like UPtick™,  are available. Reps can gain the sales experience and develop skills that would take years of learning on the job.

Plus, independent sales enablement courses can be completed in the evenings on the reps own schedule. More convenient than a college course –  that may not even include content on sales. Interested? Get started by discovering your Selling Intelligence™ score and uncovering your sales potential.