Introducing the UPtick™ Platform, New Sales Training Software Takes CPG Sales Reps Into Simulated Sales Environments

Selleration is proud to introduce a whole new approach to developing the Selling Judgment™ scores of salespeople, specifically created for sales professionals within the CPG industry. This CPG version of UPtick is far different than anything you have ever seen or experienced.

Instead of reading binders, watching videos, or engaging in role plays with coworkers, the UPtick™ platform puts sales reps in a highly competitive game based simulation environment where they learn by doing. It’s sales training software that is like a “Flight Simulator” for salespeople.

Learning Without Risk
The UPtick™ platform’s detailed CPG Scenarios build develop, enhance, reinforce and remediate those skills that make up Selling Judgment, and improves the knowledge and understanding of the Supply Chain, Category Management, Shopper Marketing and Trade Fund Management.

Selleration UPtick Gamification Sales Training Software CPG

Sales Professionals develop sales skills as they perform a needs assessment, present a new item, respond to objections, negotiate for performance and present a category review.

Playing to Learn
The UPtick™ platform puts reps “face to face” with CPG buyers within a private, safe, risk-free learning environment where salespeople direct the conversation and assess and improve Selling Judgment™ scores.


Sales professionals learn through observing and applying behavior, as well as from making mistakes within the platform. Within the confines of the UPtick™ platform’s role-play environments reps learn how to:

  • reroute sales conversations heading in the wrong direction
  • understand and respond to retailer’s needs
  • build rapport and become a ‘Trusted Advisor’


Today’s expectations of CPG Account Managers are higher than ever before. The UPtick™ platform provides the CPG Sales Professional with real-world practice on leveraging sales knowledge, seeing the importance of determining the real value of the resources to their organization, and the perceived value to their retailers.

Free Trial

Don’t take our word for it, take the UPtick™ platform for a free spin.