How to Quantify Sales Performance

Sales management needs to objectively quantify the performance of sales reps on an individual basis and have at-a-glance data at an organization level to make decisions that drive sales and build customer relationships.


The Quantified Sales Rep

It’s easy to blame individual underperformers for dragging the whole sales team down. However, each member of your sales team has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses – including your top performers.

Instead of focusing your energy (and blame) on the lowest performing members of your sales team, you’ve first got to objectively quantify the level of selling skills and the sales behavior of every member of your sales team.

UPtick is a next gen sales assessment system that gives management at-a-glance Selling Intelligence scores for each member of your sales team and exposes gaps in their selling skills. You may find that your top reps aren’t selling up to their full potential, or that your underperformers are lacking some coachable selling skills. Give it a spin and see where your selling skills rank:

The Data Driven Sales Org

Management decisions which directly affect the company’s business goals including hiring, termination, territory assignments and more are typically made by managers who interact with the reps regularly and thus have a tough time making unbiased decisions.

Prioritizing sales issues that are most urgently affecting the bottom line without having an objective understanding of the strengths and deficiencies of the organization is tough. Especially when there are so many factors at play.

The UPtick™ platform can asses pre-hires and objectively rank them against the the current sales team. So you can know if your new hire’s selling skills are aligned with those of your top performers- before you make the hiring investment.


It also makes it simple to identify gaps in your team’s selling skill set. For instance, your team could have an oversupply of hunters and would benefit from hiring farmers to nurture customer relationships. UPtick can help you identify that gap, then hire the strongest farmers among your applicants.

Assigning territories is another tough management decision that can affect the fate of the entire sales organization. The UPtick™ platform cuts through differences in territories and informs management if the selling environment is the real reason why a particular rep is successful, or if they will flourish if reassigned to an underperforming territory.

The fact is that what holding your sales teams back from reaching their full potential isn’t a single issue. Click below to enter UPtick™ platform’s simulated sales environment, see how your selling skills stack up and learn how to quantify your team’s sales performance: