How to Motivate Sales Teams, Beyond E-Learning

cbyThe 212 Degrees is a protypical example of a standard motivational sales video. It speaks to that extra degree where the boiling point is achieved. Personally, in my career, I’ve sat through 3 different sales meetings, at 3 different companies where this video was played. For some this type of attempted motivation works well; for others, well, not so much. As technology evolves, so do the tools available to us. It’s time to put the vast majority of these videos to bed, and start looking at our salespeople individually, and engage them through education, online training, e-learning, and more progressively game based training

With game based training we have access to automated roleplays, where sales training can be done in fun based learning environment that is both safe (think uncomfortable/ semi-mortifing public roleplay at a sales conference), and effective. With e-learning we can cater sales training programs to individual sales associate’s skills, motivators, strengths and weaknesses. This form of online training lets us serve up a hot, fresh, and effective slice of sales motivation. 

When we look towards training, we look for ways to increase sales productivity, to reduce high employee turnover, to help struggling reps succeed, and to make sure our rockstar reps continue on that pace. E-learning has a deeper offering though, it gives the ability to measure training. Game based learning offers measurable results, that can’t be faked; you either absorbed the material and that is reflected, or you did not. If we look at the cost of employee turnover, or the cost of a certain percentage of the salesteam missing quota; its easy to justify moving out of the dark ages of motivational videos, and inspiring quotes; and into an era where we can leverage technology to make our people better.