How to Make 2018 THE Year for Sales

Here at Selleration™, we talk to a lot of sales organizations and have learned what holds most teams back from achieving sales goals. We’ve pulled together a list of resolutions. Not the lose weight/quit smoking/stop going to Starbucks so much type of resolutions. Rather, the resolutions that – it you stick to them – can make 2018 a banner year for your sales organization.


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Here are our team’s top 3 picks for sales resolutions that could make a huge impact on your 2018 sales:

  1. Data is Good, More Data is Better

Those spreadsheets that you use to track sales goals? Use them to track changes to selling behavior, and growth of sales skills on a rep-by-rep basis with metrics gained through regular sales assessments. You will start to see that data tells the story of what areas your team is successful stories and real trends are hidden within data.

The off-site sales training program you’ve had the team going to for years – maybe it’s worth it – or maybe there are no selling improvements reflected in the data. Have a rockstar sales rep? What can you learn from their approach to sales that you can apply to the whole team? Plus they can help you head off Sales assessments can provide a great deal of insight into whether the rep is a good fit, various skill gaps, and the likelihood they’ll make quota.

2. Personal Sales Development is for Everyone. SDRs On Up.

The data we provide helps sales organizations make better informed staffing and sales management decisions, and it also reveals one basic mistake made by sales organizations large and small: sales enablement is considered something for younger, newer reps – or for reps who are struggling in sales. When in actuality, personalized sales enablement programs for top reps can have a bigger impact on the entire organization’s sales results.

It’s true that those new to sales – especially in essential SDR roles – are in need of sales training and enablement. “SDRs with limited or poor training are costing companies lost sales. The stronger the front lines the higher the ROI and closing rates.” Roy Weissman, VP of Sales at SendPulse told Hubspot. But the same could be said for every rep, middle performers on up, in the sales organization. Keeping sales skills sharp and selling behaviors on point helps everyone close more deals.

3. All Reps Need to Assess Themselves Regularly

Make 2018 the year reps stop leaning on the sales organization for furthering their sales education. Technology has made it simple for sales reps to assess their performance, selling behavior, and sales skills, and identify areas for improvement. The UPtick™ sales performance management platform can be used by reps to discover their Selling Intelligence™ score, and work to improve specific sales skills and selling judgment deficiencies.

What are your sales management resolutions for 2018?