How to Compete With Your Most Demanding Sales Competition – Yourself

Do you measure yourself against the other reps in the sales organization and strive to be the top producer?

If you were asked this question in an job interview, you, like most reps, would probably reply in the affirmative since being “competitive” is something that has long been a character trait associated with a successful salesperson.

Competitiveness is essential to sales performance- just not in the way that most reps think it is.

Sales reps should always be measuring themselves up – but not against the rest of the sales team. Instead, measure yourself against yourself, not the sales performance of the person in the next cubicle.

Sound ridiculous when there is a sales incentive this month that pits your entire sales department against each other? It’s not. Competing is comparing – and comparing saps your focus away from success.

Don’t be the guy in the horror movie who loses focus by looking over his shoulder and runs right into his own ending. Keep your focus on what is in front of you rather than who or what is behind you.

Sounds easy, right? So why is competing with yourself so much harder than competing against others? In one word: benchmarks.

Think about your sales department. The goal is quota. But the department doesn’t just set goals and tell everyone to “GO”. The department sets objective benchmarks and milestones. Your first step in competing with yourself is to set a benchmark for your sales skills and selling behaviors. We all have strengths and weaknesses, some we are aware of – and some we are oblivious to.

Take a free online sales assessment like the UPtick™ platform. While the UPtick™ platform will measure your performance on a long list of sales skills, it will also give you an easy to remember Selling Intelligence™ score so you can map our your sales capabilities, set a benchmark from which to measure future sales performance, and set realistic personal goals. The UPtick™ platform also gives you an objective snapshot of your selling skills – something it’s tough for even your sales director to do.

Now that you have benchmarks, how will you reach them? Devise a real plan and write it down, or use the Cadence feature in the UPtick™ platform to identify the specific areas needing improvement and have a plan established automatically. The leaders of top performing sales organizations don’t just set quota in their minds. They devise a plan for how each rep and department will get there based on the prior year’s data, territory and more. You should do the same.

Perhaps it’s making more phone calls, or it’s doing something more tangible to increase your sales skills – like working through the levels of sales improvement within the UPtick™ platform. But whatever you do, don’t waste time worrying what the rep one desk over is doing. Spend your time investing in your own sales improvement so you can earn more opportunities – and more money.