How to Become the BEST Salesperson in Your Company

What are some ways you can blow past the competition in your department and become the top sales rep in your company? Here are our top 3 tips – that most reps overlook:

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  • Want to Sell More? There’s An App for That

You know the saying it’s time to take a good look in the mirror? While it’s an admirable goal, assessing your own strengths and weaknesses as a salesperson is a tall order. It’s also not something you can lean on your sales manager for. While they may have their own ideas about how you can sell more and reach quota faster, their judgement is clouded by personal feelings, preconceived notions, and a whole lot of other factors which may or may not actually have anything to do with you. No one is truly capable giving you 100% objective feedback. Human beings just aren’t capable of being totally objective. However, sales assessment software has no preconceived opinions about you, and it can tell you how you stack up against the best of the best. The UPtick™ platform is one such sales assessment program.

Play through a series of video game-like virtual sales simulations and you will be presented with your Selling Intelligence™ score, which is an at-a-glance rating of your overall proficiency as a salesperson. Improve your Selling Intelligence™ score by going head to head with “customers” using the guidance of a virtual sales coach.

Most reps don’t take the time to truly understand what they don’t understand. So, giving yourself an objective sales assessment will give you a leg up on colleagues who depend on sales managers or sales trainers for guidance in levelling up their sales game.

2. Practice While Others Play

Becoming the best means going the extra mile. If your goal was to improve your golf game, you would spend a lot of time practicing – on the course, and at the range. Your sales game is no different. Developing sales techniques and skills takes time. You can go along at the same pace as colleagues by honing skills 9-5, or you can outpace your peers by spending the time it takes to get better.

Most reps DO NOT practice sales techniques independently. Instead, most salespeople depend on periodic employer-provided sales training programs – or even on their winning “sales personality”. Don’t train! Enable yourself. If you go the extra mile by working to develop your selling skills while your colleagues are working on their golf swing – you will have a leg up on the other reps in your company.

3. Play a Longer Game

As sales cycles have gotten longer it can be easy to let slow growth customer relationships fall to the wayside. Don’t let that happen.

While your colleagues are focused on the fast close, you should focus on building relationships – and the deals will follow. What many new reps don’t realize is that once you build a relationship with a customer, it takes work to nurture the relationship.

Make your goal to be a trusted advisor to your customer in the long term, and nurture the relationship the same way as you would a friendship. Showing your customer appreciation by taking them to lunch, or remembering their birthday can go a long way to building a lucrative relationship that you can depend on – even if you transition to a new company. Let your colleagues churn and burn while you play a longer game, with stronger sales results.

Are you the top sales rep in your company? Leave a comment with tips for setting yourself apart from the rest of the sales organization.