How to Be a Better Sales Coach

If you are like most sales leaders, you ended up in sales management after a successful career as a salesperson. But that doesn’t mean you’ve cracked the code on sales management. Here are 3 tips to sharpen your sales coaching skills – that you have probably never thought of.

Sales Coaching Tip #1 – Assess Yourself

Have you ever assessed your own selling skills- or had insight into your own patterns of selling behavior? Taking a sales assessment will not only help you understand your own approach to selling and highlight your personal sales strengths and weaknesses, but it can also give you insight into your approach to sales coaching.

Whether you’re trying to help a rep through a difficult client interaction, or guiding them to overcoming objections for a new product- understanding your own level of selling skills and behavior can help you, help them.

Sales Coaching Tip #2 – Know Who and What to Focus On

Everyone wants some of your time – and most could use your help. Not only is it tough to know where to start- it’s very hard to know what reps are truly coachable and which are truly a waste of your valuable time. Especially when no one wants to raise their hand and ask for help.

Selling takes a certain level of ego. So, it can be tough for a sales rep to ask for help. Rather than waiting for them to approach you, assessing your entire sales team with the UPtick™ platform provides prescriptions for the selling ills of each member of your sales team, so you know who and what to focus your sales coaching time on.

Sales Coaching Tip #3 – Be the Bill Belichick to your Tom Brady  

Sales managers spend way too much time on the bottom performers, and not enough time working with the stars of their sales team. Imagine if a basketball coach spent all their time on the benchwarmers. Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Derek Deter, all went to practice and have coaches to thank, at least in part, for their success.

It’s easy to overlook the deficiencies of your top performing sales reps- after all they are getting the job done. But, if the top 20% do 80% percent of your business, imagine if you could increase their sales performance by 5%- it would make a real difference to the bottom line of the entire sales organization. Identify their coachable weaknesses through a selling assessment and focus your sales coaching on strategies to help them take their game even higher.

Click below to enter the UPtick™ platform’s simulated sales environment, see how your selling skills stack up when you go head to head with a virtual customer, and what individual and team insights you can gain into your organization’s sales performance: