How Sales Assessments Can Reveal Your Team’s Hidden Top Performers

Harvard Business Review found that sales managers often waste their time focusing attention on the wrong reps. Management chooses to “engage with poor reps because they feel they must in order to meet territory goals, and they work with their best reps because, well, it’s fun.” Unfortunately, these two populations that get the most management time are the least likely to be affected by sales coaching.

There is a vast, hidden group of sales reps that get little attention from sales management- and if activated could change the destiny of the entire sales organization.  


The Hidden Sales Performers

According to the study by HBR, the sales performance of middle performers can be improved with sales coaching by up to 19%. Even moderate increases in sales coaching resulted in a 6-8% increase in performance. Imagine if 70% of your reps experienced a 6% increase in sales performance- it would be a huge win for the entire sales organization.

Who are These People Anyway?

Sales management know a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of their go-to reps- and the ones who are struggling. But what about the rest of the team?

If you are ready to shift the focus of sales coaching to your 70%ers the first order of business is to get to know their strengths, weaknesses and level of sellling competency. Sales assessments are the most efficient way to gather actionable data about the sales skills, selling competency, sales work ethic and even intellectual abilities. Assessments give sales management line of sight into the individual capabilities of each rep, so sales coaching can be tailored to that reps strengths and weaknesses.

Individualized sales training programs, such as the UPtick™ platform can be prescribed based on the assessment data. Reps can build new skills and ensure the reinforcement of sales skills being developed during sales coaching sessions at their own pace. Thanks to sales assessments, instead of abstract advice or general coaching, sales management know what to focus on in sales training, and what specific tasks to assign within sales training programs.

What about Your Top and Bottom Performers?

Assessments are helpful with these reps as well. The data on selling competency and skills gathered as a result of an assessment can help determine if top reps have gaps in product knowledge or selling skills that can be filled with sales training.  

The data can also inform and support management’s decision to keep a low-performing rep on and train them- or if the company may benefit from their departure. Take a test flight of the UPtick™ platform and see how with the knowledge gained from assessments, sales managers can focus their attention where it will make the most impact- on the 70%!