Engaging Millennials through Tech Based Sales Performance Management

We’ve all been through a wide variety of both great, mediocre, and tedious sales development programs. Some are small classroom based programs, some more event style, or a sales retreat. When it comes to the Millennial Generation technology, recognition, and creativity must be included delivery of our programs. The consistent challenge with sales development, is measuring the effectiveness, and measuring the engagement. Who absorbed what, who was involved, and engaged during the training? Then we must ask ourselves, how will this material apply in the real world, was the delivery method effective? On the other hand, we need to realize if any of the reps were completely disengaged and screwing around, was anyone looking at new cars on AutoTrader, opposed focusing on the presentation; is an example I’ve personally witnessed. As our the profiles of our sales departments develop, so must our performance management methods, and best practices. So must the way we hire new reps, and so must the way we engage them. This is where Assessment Based Sales Performance Management comes into play.

Assessment based learning is a hot space right now, especially with regard to the millennial generation, which makes up a staggering 36% of the workforce today, and likely a far higher percentage of the sales workforce. A program that is catered to, and customized for individuals can provide a safe, effective, and sometimes even fun environment to engage, assess, improve sales productivity, and train your people, young and old. There are new tools on the market that can help us profile, identify, and hire the best new candidates based on their true self-selected sales-styles, work ethic, and sales-personalities. There is SaaS platforms available to engage employees in new ongoing training methods via 3D Simulations, creative methodologies, and role plays that help the rep identify, and develop, and improve, and in key problem areas. Perhaps most importantly, these methods can create detailed real-time analytics, that provide feedback to both the rep, and managers to further the improvement and development in a safe, constructive environment.

As we look to grow with the younger generations taking over the workforce, our thought process, and approach has to change. It’s no longer a Glen Garry/ Glen Ross sales world where cofee is just for closers, employees don’t want to just be a number, they want to matter, be good at what they do, and be recognized for it. It’s time to be more dynamic, and more effective; Automated Sales Performance Management is a safe effective way to grow, and engage your salesforce in a meaningful, fun manner.