3 Things Sales Managers Can Learn About Their Reps With 1 Simple Test

Not psychic? Of course you aren’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a window into the minds of your sales reps. Sales assessments may not make you psychic, but they can offer sales managers insights into the selling mind of every rep on the sales team- and make the life of any sales manager just a little bit easier.

Intellectual Ability

Have an underperforming rep who ranks high for intellectual ability? Bright reps who aren’t performing may need some additional training and sales coaching, but the good news is- they have the intellectual agility to pick up new selling skills and develop productive selling behaviors quickly. Bright reps also may underperform when they are not feeling motivated to sell, or challenged by their current goals. If that is the case, review your sales incentives and their selling goals to see if there are any opportunities to offer individualized sales incentives which may light a fire within the rep.

Depending on the products a sales organization offers, intellectual ability may be more or less critical. For a pharmaceutical or scientific sales organization, a low level of intellectual ability means that sales management may need to adjust expectations and allow them additional sales training time and coaching sessions for the rep to pick up sales skills they need to succeed.

Intellectual ability alone is not a predictor of sales performance. A strong combination of work ethic and interpersonal skills can help a rep overcome lower levels of intellectual ability. That’s why the UPtick™ platform, our sales assessment system, provides an at-a-glance measurement of overall selling ability called the Selling Intelligence™ score which factors in the blend of selling skills and behaviors necessary for sales success.

Lack of Product Understanding

A rep might say they understand the product details and differentiators- but do they really? Ego may prevent an underperforming rep from letting their sales manager know they they don’t really understand what they are selling. It’s always tough to understand what other people do/don’t understand. This is where having a deeper understanding of a salesperson via a sales assessment comes in very handy.

Especially in sales organizations within ever-evolving industries like technology and a high volume CPG company with large product lines- it’s essential that reps understand the product and keep up with changes to their offering. The results of the UPtick™ platform’s sales assessment could even let management know to what degree reps understand the company’s products, and are keeping up with product updates.

Emotional Intelligence

There are lots of selling deficiencies that sales managers categorize as “coachable”. By administering a selling assessment, you may find out that the behaviors you have been working with a rep to overcome during sales coaching sessions are actually part of a larger issue.

Many “coachable” sales behaviors are actually symptoms of an overall low level of Emotional Intelligence. For instance, reps who try to close too quickly, don’t identify customer needs before jumping into selling mode, or just don’t seem to be able to establish themselves as trusted advisors may have lack Emotional Intelligence.

Having the data from an assessment in hand can help sales managers understand that these reps aren’t missing a few narrow skills, that they are actually deficient in relating to others- an essential skill for successful sales reps.

The UPtick™ platform isn’t just a selling assessment- it’s a sales assessment system. Behavioral deficiencies and weak sales skills of underperforming reps aren’t just identified – the UPtick™ platform provides a customized prescription for selling improvement. Prescriptions are given in the form of intensive, immersive – and fun – selling situations with virtual customers within the UPtick™ system.

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